The practice of architecture stands on three legs—design, technology, and service. As our most expensive, complex, and durable artifacts, our buildings measure and indicate our culture’s values—some constant, some changing. Howorth & Associates Architects seeks to define our present in buildings that connect our past with our future.


As architects, our ultimate tool is our humanity.


Howorth & Associates Architects, based in Oxford, is one of Mississippi’s most respected architectural firms. The current staff includes three registered architects, two intern architects, an interior designer, and an office manager.

In 1986, Tom Howorth moved from New Orleans to Jackson, Mississippi to form the partnership of Mockbee, Coker, Howorth Architects, a firm that won immediate critical recognition, such as a prestigious P/A First Award for architectural design from Progressive Architecture, and inclusion in the Domino’s Top 30 list of the world’s best architects. The firm also collaborated with other firms to win and successfully execute a number of multi-million dollar commissions.

In 1990, Mr. Howorth left that partnership to form Howorth & Associates Architects, providing architectural and interior design services for a wide variety of clients—governmental, corporate, not-for-profit, and private individuals—who consider their buildings investments rather than expenses.

In 1995, Howorth & Associates Architects relocated from Jackson to the historic courthouse square in the lively and wonderful college community of Oxford, Mississippi. The firm has a diverse practice in the design of both new buildings and historic preservation, endeavoring to make buildings that are of our time by connecting our past with the future.


Tom Howorth

Principal Architect | Founder

Larry Deweese

Principal Architect

Jonathan Mattox

Principal Architect | Director, Residential Studio

Kyle Stribling


Paul Waddell

Senior Project Manager

Virginia Lueckenbach

Senior Project Manager

Cory Stone

Office Manager